352nd FG Movie....

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352nd FG Movie....

Postby Whiznr » Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:34 pm

On the script work I'm doing for the 352nd FG movie, (called "Blue
Skies") Don Bryan has agreed to let me do it as if he were narrating, through his eyes so to speak. I talked to him today and he shared yet some more hilarious stories with me. We'll be setting up an interview time tomorrow. Not sure when we'll do the actual interview, but I'm looking forward to digging up some good detail for this picture. NO Hollywood glitter and love stories, just straight up action, humor and realism as if there were a color movie camera with them through certain events. Think "Saving Private Ryan" but fighter pilot style.
I would like to request some opinions from all of you. There are obviously MANY major events and "moments" that are worthy of being featured. Just to name a few, there's the time that the German pilot bailed out and went through a prop, Freemont Miller bailing out and floating for I think 72 hours, Punchy's first air-to-air kill, Wally Starck's crazy encounter with a 190. And of course Y-29, Preddy's 6 in 5 minutes, Don's 5 in one
mission, Don landing at a 9th AF base.... so MANY stories. To keep the movie less than 6 hours long, I'm going to have to combine several events. I will NOT do this without approval from the 352nd FG Association!!
So here's a couple examples of "combined events". Think them over and let me know, make suggestions.

1. Punchy's first air-to-air, along with Freemont's bailout, along with the
pilot who returned shot up and turned in his wings.

2. Punchy's flak hit in the tail, along with Wally's mad 190 encounter.

3. Don Bryan's 5 in 1 sortie, along with the pilot who "prop-struck" a German pilot, along with Don landing at a 9th AF base.

4. Broadwater sacrificing himself head on into a formation of 109s, along
with Preddy's 6 in 5 minutes. (These two may overshadow the point of one
another, so I'm really not sure about this one.)

5. This one's a real stretch for those up on the actual facts, but I think it's the best way to get these two events in the movie. Maybe take Punchy's flak hit (#2 listing), and instead of him crashing on take-off, have it be when he returns from being hit by flak. And of course include the funny dialogue with the "Doc".

That's all off the top of my heads at the moment. Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm really against combing anything, but it has to be done for time sake. THANKS!!!

Derik "Whiznr" Rinehart
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Postby BobBrunn » Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:31 pm

So hows the movie going?
Blue Skies !

Bob Brunn
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