Savannah Bluenoser lineup

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Savannah Bluenoser lineup

Postby Todzilla » Sun Sep 26, 2004 11:28 am

Not a bad lineup: :shock:
Punchy wrote: Here is the lineup, all confirmed, and I still don't have the final word from Dick Thurman and Lee Lauderback and Angela of Stallion 51. Tom Patten with Sweetie FaceNeal Melton with Hun Hunter (P-47)Bob Jepson with Hell-er-Bust plus 4 non-bluenosers.Bob Baker with Sweet and LovelyKen Wagnon with Cripes IVVlado Lenoch with Moonbeam McSwineDick Thurman with Kentucky Babe (pending)Pete McManus -- Petie 3rd - still a doubtful maybe (has conflict)Jim Read -- Excalibur, unable to reach himTony Buechler -- Petie 2nd, noKermit Weeks -- Cripes A' Mighty III, no. I have succeeded in getting hangar space from theSignature Aviation FBO, Zack Neds, for the warbirds.
If they all show as listed I will have seen 17 of the 18 Bluenosers that I am aware of, with Petie 2nd being the lone holdout. Unfortunately Princess Elizabeth and Straw Boss were going through major overhauls when I saw them, but still not a bad record. :D
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