Y-29 info

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Y-29 info

Postby Deacon352nd » Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:20 am

We in the 352ndVFG have been contacted by a professional painter who is working on a project concerning Y-29. Specifically he is looking for the color scheme of the German planes as they were from the JG/11. Also does anyone know who shot down Gunther Sprecht, the highest scoring German ace of the JG/11 flying that day.
I'm thinking specifically of Ray Mitchell who didn't get a chance to get into his plane but may have had a good look at the German planes when he wasn't ducking from German machine gun fire.
I'll pass the info on to the painter and thank you ahead of time for him.
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Postby CRIPES_A_MIGHTY » Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:43 am

I had read that it was F/O Johnson of the 366FG who shot down Günther Specht.
Johnson got into in a dogfight with 2 enemy aircraft and shot both down.
But return fire from the enemy meant he had to bail out of his aircraft.
He landed not far from one of the aircraft he had shot down. He made his way the the crash and removed the pilots papers and pistol. On returning to Asch, evidence later showed the pilot he had shot down was Specht.

I dont know wether this is correct but it comes from the book "To Win The Winter Sky" by Danny S. Parker.

Hope this helps.
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