How to begin posting on this site.

The place to ask a Veteran a question related to the 352nd Fighter Group. Look for some answers as one of the team browses through the forum.

How to begin posting on this site.

Postby Dduck » Mon May 16, 2005 10:18 pm

These are the following steps you need to take in order to post on this website. Just follow the steps, and you too can begin posting here. We look forward to hearing from some of our Veterans!

1. Go to . You're already here so need to go any further. Near the top of this page you will see REGISTER. Click on that.

2. This is the Registration Agreement Terms. This is a standard formality stating the rules and what is acceptable and what is not on this Forum. Once you've read this and if you really are 13+ years of age, click on the blue writing stating "I agree to these terms and am over or exactly 13 years of age"

3. This next screen is looking for your registration information. The top 4 lines must be filled out. Username is just a nickname you choose or your own name (Example: If you are Robert Powell, you may choose a username of Robert Powell, Punchy, West By Gawd Virginian, 352Historian, P51Pilot, Xpilot, etc...) You may have any name you wish, as long as nobody on this site has that name.

4. Profile information. If you wish, you may fill in any of these boxes. If you don't know what some of this is, you probably don't need it. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I'd stick with LOCATION, OCCUPATION, INTERESTS, SIGNATURE (your name if you chose a nickname for a username, or your favorite saying, or both, etc...)

5. Next is the Preferences. These are all set to default settings. If you wish to change them, you may do so, but it is not needed.

6. When done, click on SUBMIT. You should get a message to check your email for a confirmation. Once you get the confirmation, follow the instructions on that letter. It will ask you to click on a statement to verify your information.

7. Now you are ready to enjoy the 352nd Forum. Depending on what group you are in [Veteran, 352ndFG Assoc member, Virtual, Public etc] you will see the forums applicable to you. The default is Public access. Go to the Forum website listed above and click on LOGIN.

8. Type in your username and password. Check the box underneath to be automatically logged in whenever you visit this site. Click on LOG IN. If you still see the “Log In” button from step 7, try again.

9. The first page you come to has all the categories listed that you have access. Feel free to take a look at anything that interests you. Example: Once you have registered and logged in, go to ASK A VETERAN and click on it.

Here you will see a list of topics, how many replies to that topic, who started the topic, number of times that the topic has been viewed and when the last post was made.

Now click on a topic. Any topic will do but try "WHERE WERE YOU?" down the bottom of the page. This brings you to the post. Near the bottom left there is a button POST REPLY. Once you click on this, you can type a response to this post.

Don't be too worried about mistakes etc. Anything can be modified, moved or deleted by the administrators of the forum, and you can't break anything :D

All done!

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