Testing Phase 1.2 - 23 September 2004

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Testing Phase 1.2 - 23 September 2004

Postby Audie » Thu Sep 23, 2004 12:15 am

In this phase please consider:1. What basic forum sections we want. I have set a 352nd FG Association section and a Virtual 352nd section. Consider if we need more than that. Also consider exactly the wording I have used or the wording you would propose.2. What sub-sections we want. I have set a few up such as Ask A Veteran under 352nd Association, and the couple under the Virtual 352nd. Consider if we need to add more, change the names of the ones we have etc. Also consider the descriptions I have already roughed in or ones you would like to see.3. Test out Private messaging with one other person.If no showstoppers arise from this testing then I propose Zilla release this to the whole group for Friday night USA time start.Comments appreciated.
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