How to get started posting - just click here

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How to get started posting - just click here

Postby Audie » Tue Jan 09, 2007 11:10 pm

Just click on the forum you are interested in to:
    read topics already set up, or
    start a new topic, or
    reply to an existing topic

You might have some interest in one of the Current Events of the 352nd Fighter Group Association. So click on 'News & Current Events'. You'll then be presented with a list of all the topics members have started and added comments upon. Click on the Topic which interests you and read away.

To start a New Topic, click on the area you would like to start a topic. Maybe you'd choose the "On This Day in 352nd History" area if you know something that happened on this day that impacted the 352nd. You'll then see all the topics to do with "On This Day in 352nd History" already created by our forum members. Then just click on 'Post New Topic', type in a Topic subject then type in your message in the Message Body section, click 'Submit' down the bottom of the page and all done.

To reply to a Topic already started, just click on the Topic, have a read of the comments added by members then just hit 'Post Reply', type in your reply then click on 'Submit' down the bottom of the page. You could even do that with this page you are reading now if you wanted to do a test :D
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