June 12, 1944

Day by day events of the 352nd Fighter Group.

June 12, 1944

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Lt Glenn Moran of Yellow Flight saw four FW-190's attacking a formation of bombers. By the time Yellow Flight reached the bombers the E/A had disapeared. Lt Moran saw three a/c in a Lufbury and found 2 P-51's (flown by Lts Berkshire and Pickering) and what appeared to be an Me-109. Moran slipped into firing position, double checked to make sure it was an Me-109 and after three bursts, the bandit spun out of control and crashed about one mile south of St. Jacques airfield.

Five minutes later the 328th encountered more Me-109's near St. Malo and destroyed one of them. This victory was shared by Lt John Thornell and Lt Lawrence McCarthy.

The final victory of the day was claimed by Major George Preddy who downed another Messerschmidtt after a short airbattle near Rennes.

(taken from the Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney, some of which I condensed)

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i dint know that........

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:D great stuff...keep the history lesson's coming......i'll be looking out for more

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