hello all ........get your modeling tips here......

The place to come to discuss how to properly build and paint a 352nd Fighter Group model.

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hello all ........get your modeling tips here......

Postby MB » Thu May 04, 2006 9:01 am

:D thanks to Todd for making this space available.....

Feel free to ask me anything you may need to know, if i dont know i'm sure we know someone who does, via the 352nd Association.

My aim is to help and provide info for your 352nd Fighter Group models
from start to finish, I'll do all I can.......
modelling tips
which kits to use
which decals to use and where to find them
correct shades of Blue for a particular AC and both early and late AC, plus tips on masking the nose line
History details for AC and pilots
clean finish and combat finish tips on wear and tear,
cutting and reshaping flight surface's
good canopy painting masking and klear coats
getting a good NMF natural metal finish, by paint or ALCLAD or Bare metal foil.

and so on dudes

Looking forward to helping out and seeing the results
Martin :D

Postby Parson » Thu May 04, 2006 1:59 pm


I have a P-51D kit from Hasagawa that I've been afraid to start. One initial newbie-ish question:

Do you paint the parts as they're still attached to their trees? If so, what do you do about the unpainted connection points?

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painting parts on jig

Postby embee » Thu May 04, 2006 11:32 pm

:D hello Parson,

i try to keep the parts on the jig for as long as poss while painting too,

it helps to keep them together you can use a magnifine glass to help see as you paint too, im still looking for a good one

......and when you do take them off the jig you can touch up any areas that was missed and where the jig conected to the part, i have a real sharp single egde blade but a good modeling knife will do, and if you need to you can use a smooth grade sanding paper for any egdes that need to be cleaned up.
in the case of the wheels this can be fun you can add a look of weight to the model by slighty warming the tyre with a zippo lighter then press them down, it will give a real look of weight the tryes fatten out at the bottom, the other way is to sand the tryes flat looks good too. all you have to do is paint over the flat part.........your Hasagawa kit has pre moulded flat tyres i think...........

hope this helps
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Postby H/Kriz » Fri May 12, 2006 4:27 pm

Good idea...I used to make models for the guys I worked with. Many were military pilots, I would research their squadron and do a plane that they flew. Throw out some tips. H/Kriz :lol:
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