Info needed for "Little Rebel"

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Info needed for "Little Rebel"

Postby Todzilla » Sun Apr 16, 2006 3:57 pm

I received this form Rhonda Tesch who is assiting Bob Baker with information concerning a new Bluenoser that he's building with Buck Patillo's markings. Anyone with additional info would be appreciated.

well, we all know that Bob Baker is building another mustang, and planning to honor the other pattillo brother by naming it Little Rebel. I know that this a/c was assigned to Alton Wallace prior to it going to pattillo, but if I could find some dates someplace... seems to me that this a/c belonged to a third pilot, as well, whose name escapes me at the moment. I'd like to find out dates for arrival in theater and rotation home for both wallace and pattillo... and whoever the third guy is, if i can come up with his name. the a/c was s/n 44-13737, I believe. I'm guessing that it went from wallace to pattillo when wallace when home... or was promoted up to a non-flying position, or something. it'd be nice to know.

What I have found is here:
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Info needed for "Little Rebel"

Postby Pyker » Thu Apr 20, 2006 4:33 pm

To start the ball rolling on this one......

44-13737 had a special project number of 92742R and departed the US on 20 June 1944. It was issued to 352nd FG on 4 July 1944 and first known identity was PZ-W "Little Rebel" of Alton Wallace, obviously as a replacement for his earlier "B" model of same code and nickname. It was reassigned to Pattillo who kept the nickname but I believe, although cannot prove, that the code became PZ-W possibly because Wallace was issued a later model and retained the "W" code letter.

Wallace was with the original cadre and served to the end of the war so I don't know when 44-13737 would have been reassigned. Patillo served from December 1944 to end of war as well.

Be interested to see what information the 352nd guys can add to this or update what I have!

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*** Posted by Todd Gehrke under Punchy's name ****

Postby PunchyPowell » Fri Apr 21, 2006 2:40 am

Alton (Al) Wallace was one of the original pilots when the Group was forming up in late 1942 up East and went overseas with the Group, arriving in England on 4 July 1942. His pilot card does not show the exact date he was rotated home, but the last listing on it was in January/45 so it is most likely that he was rotated home in Jan/Feb of 1945.

Charles C. 'Buck' Pattillo's card shows that he came to the 352nd FG early in March/45 since his official PRO photo was made March 10, 1945. This was always done within a couple days after a replacement pilot was assigned to the Group. As for rotation, I would have to research this or call Buck to find out if he and Bill were rotated at the end of the war or assigned to duty on the Continent, but I think both were with the 352nd until the about the time the war ended in Europe. I may have this in the story I am doing about them and the first aerobatic team of the USAF.

Tell Rhonda I can get most any information she needs from my sources about the aircraft and/or pilots involved, their victories, whatever, and she can contact me direct by phone or email.

I am forwarding her Q-message to Marc and Sam as they may have the info on the aircraft and who had it in addition to Buck. Marc has done a pretty definitive
study of our a/c.

blue skies,
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Postby Todzilla » Fri Apr 21, 2006 2:43 am

The above post was sent to me by Punchy via email. In the past he has given me verbal approval to post under his name using responses he's sent via email.

I know he states that Rhonda can contact him directly, but I'd like to see discussions like this take place here where more of the 352nd history can be shared for all to learn more about them.

Todd Gehrke
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Postby Dduck » Fri Apr 21, 2006 4:28 pm

I agree. I was pretty happy to see this type of question on the forum. Keep up the good work!

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