Quick History 352nd fg

Stories and background on who and what made the 352nd Fighter Group, on the ground and in the air.

Quick History 352nd fg

Postby CLASH » Tue Sep 28, 2004 2:13 am

This is the 352nd Fighter Group. The "Blue Nose Bastards of Bodney." the three different fighter squadrons: 328th / 486th / 487th. Here is the history of this fine group. The 352nd Fighter Group was constituted in Sept 1942 and activated at Brandley Field, CT on October 1, 1942. Two of its squadrons, the 21st (later changed to the 486th) and the 34th (later changed to the 487th) had long combat histories, but like the newly formed 328th, were short on experienced personnel. Early flight training in the P-47 Thunderbolts was at Westover, Trumbell, LaGuardia and Mitchel fields. Most of the enlisted personnel, Det. "A" of the 1st Service Group arrived in January, 1943. The Group embarked from New York harbor July 1, 1943, arriving in Scotland July 5th and a few days later reached their new base at Bodney, England. Training for combat became intense those next few months. The Group flew its first combat mission on September 9, 1943, an uneventful sweep out over the North Sea to escort returning B-17s. Some 40 pilots participated in this mission. Although the 352nd had several minor encounters with the enemy in their early missions, it wasn't until November 26th that Major J. C. Meyer, C.O. of the 487th Squadron scored their first victory-an Me-109 The first of many victories for the 352nd. During WWII the 352nd flew 420 missions, 59,387 operational combat hours, destroyed 776 enemy aircraft and had 27 aerial aces. Returning to the U.S. at war's end, the unit was deactivated.I spent the better part of the night and early morning reading all I could find on the 352nd online..and downloading the amazing skins for use in IL-2's offline flight. It has amazing graphics..and it is awsome to fly along with each of the aces of the 352nd in simulation form. It looks unreal!!! If you don't have it, I suggest strongly getting the "Gold Pack"..& downloading all the skins available on the IL-2 UBISOFT website....Gotta sleep, hope you enjoy some of the stufff I posted!!.Cheers & TearsKeith "Clash" Jackson
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